Something's happened?

I live a couple of blocks off the highway and in the last ten minutes of so, a lot of sirens have gone by, heading out of town. Police first, at least two ambulances and probably fire. Anyone know what’s happened?

Car accident.
Bottom of the hill on Mcbride.
By Spero’s (sp?)
That was 6:20pm

No, I wouldn’t have heard those sirens, I live too far away. The ones I heard were just after 7.

Vehicle in the ditch on the Port Edward highway.

Motor Vehicle accident close to Brad’s Drive-In at that part of the road leading into Port Ed.

Wow, lots of accidents tonight!

What happened on Mcbride hill was not a car accident, it was a car that caught fire.

I was driving to McDonalds and just after i crossed the bridge i saw a car with flames coming from under the engine. On my return it was pulled over and the flames were a lot bigger.