something like Vancouver's seawall

Howdy folks-
I’m trying to escape Vancouver and like (!) Prince Rupert’s climate. But i have one gotcha that threatens to derail the project.
I jog, and i think if i couldn’t my health would fall apart. Is there a long jogging trail starting from, or fairly near (a mile?) from downtown Prince Rupert???
Thanks in advance for the help,

Marinus, a senior in Vancouver

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thanks to the both of you, MiG and hitest. I feel a bit embarrassed about not being able to identify Rushbrook myself.
Both were still hard to orient to downtown PR - there’s a scarcity of maps online.
Anywho, thanks, now i have to find a one bedroom apartment in/near downtown, or a shared situation. Any suggestions?

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I suggest that you contact a realtor here in Prince Rupert. They may have a line on an apartment.

HI infinice,

Prince Rupert has a very active, friendly running club. There are several races and a 13 week running program that generally starts in February. This year was messed up of course and who knows what next year will bring, but there were several virtual type activities that were organized through the facebook page where you can introduce yourself. There are a number of people who run regularly throughout the year.

The Rushbrook trail is the closest you will get to the seawall. The trail itself is about 2km from downtown but if you start downtown (at Kwinitsa Station at the bottom of Bill Murray Way below Rupert Square Mall) you have a 2km run along the water front to reach it. Not only do you have the waterfront as your view, it is the the only stretch of flat ground in Rupert. The trail itself is about 1.5km, so there and back is 7km.

To get to Butze from downtown is a 5km run along the highway, but if you have a vehicle there is plenty of parking at Butze. The trail is a 5km loop. Both Rushbrook and Butze are used by anybody from the serious runner to the casual walker.

Across the highway from Butze is Tall Tree Trail which is more of a hike than a jog as it takes you up the mountain. When it rains (and it rains a lot here) it is pretty sloppy, but on a sunny day it is well worth the view.

Welcome to Rupert.

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Thanx for response! Yes, i knew about Rushbrook but reluctantly decided it was just too short. Your description of of Kwinitsa (what a mouthful) extension was encouraging. 7km is more like it, joggable without going crazy with boredom (I’d have to run Rushbrook 3X to get my mileage in).
Butze and Tall Tree sound lessappetizing, especially as i don’t have a car.
Thanks for the tip!
You know, the Prince Rupert tourism cheerleaders should make sure there’s a detailed map of PR and environs on their website(s)- I’m findig it confusing and frustrating chasing down such tips without such a map. (They can pay the mayor a quarter mil, but nothing for a simple map of downtown/outskirts!?)

The Kaien Island Trail Enhancement and Recreation Society is trying to improve the trails and communication regarding them in Prince Rupert. Their website is:

The 2019 Run they organized at this link has a 5 and 10km route that would likely be just what you’re looking for: It incorporates Rushbrook trail, the Millenium Walkway to Kwinitsa and the McClymont Trail.

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