Something I saw on Facebook

Something I saw on Facebook

Yeah yeah, post it when you know I’m at work and can’t respond!  ha!

Whoa, Mig has hair…

It’s curly isn’t it??

It was curly in a fro brillo pad way! He was my best customer way back when I was a hairdresser and he had hair.

Is your hair what they make mr clean magic erasers from?  For that matter are you mister clean?

Is Mig a Newfie??

Newfoundlander to you. :smile:

you’re a dog?

newfies are taking over this town lol

Dog = Newfoundland.  
Province = Newfoundland and Labrador.  
Person from Province = Newfoundlander.
Newfie is a term like ‘Indian’ – often used in a derogatory way or as short-hand for an insult.

Unless you’re from Newfoundland yourself, you don’t get to use the N-word.  :-)

Oh, and I wear my Newfoundland ID on my hat these days.  Any guess on what it says?

never been told it was derogatory maybe the way its said i guess. im not from there but my wifes very large family is lol

Well, you get to use it :smile:

Where is your wife from?

Newfoundlander and labrador are dogs too…  :unamused:


Screech?  :smiley:

Screech?   :smiley:[/quote]


Also, Newfoundlanders don’t really drink Screech.  They just give that to the tourists and keep the good stuff for themselves :smile:  Ha!

Ah but now for the real test, are you a bayman or a townie, that will tell us much about you.

Can’t you tell from the ID?  ha!

Ah tis true bye, but I dunno Torbay may be considered a little too close to the townies to be a true bayman, now Carbonear, Bay Roberts, and across the barrens, there be the true baymen and women!

I’m sure people in Torbay wouldn’t consider themselves Townies, but with the growth of St. John’s, you can’t really tell where one ends and the other begins.

I’m from Kilbride, by the way, which is on the other end of the city.  It wasn’t part of St. John’s when I lived there, but it has since been surrounded and swallowed up.

st lawrence