Someone selling a Delica

Someone selling a 1995 Delica for $5000. There’s lots of Delica fans in these parts and it seems super cheap. (FYI 4x4 diesel powered RHD Japanese import van)

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Oooh here’s an even better “DEAL”… someone else selling a 1991 with a seized diesel engine

.only $3200 for a 31 year old vehicle that doesn’t run and you’ll never find parts for. Someone’s watching too much TV…
(not gonna post the ad and help a ripoff artist rob a fool)

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I think some people don’t understand TV is bullshit, they’re pricing cars & trucks as if there’s a glut of people who’ll pay a fortune for cars & trucks that need restoring.
1980 Lincoln Town Car, 42 yr old POS that isn’t running and gets 3mpg if it does. $10K… get real. Buddy of mine had one of those in 82
Another guy came over with his 68 Charger 440 6 pack (7.2L), told me w a straight face it got 20mpg. My Jeep barely gets that 50 years newer w half the size engine…