Some of the best diving right here

I went diving this weekend in Work Channel and saw some really amazing critters. The kaleidoscope of color from the many species of sponges, sea squirts, sea anenomes, and sea slugs was fantastic. We also encountered larges schools of fish such as juvenile herring, sandlances, China, Yellow tail, and Quilback Rockfish. There was also lots of kelp and painted greenlings, and the largest moon jellfish I have eever seen. Very cool and right here in the north coast. Yippee!!

I agree! I have dove all over the Caribbean, and nowhere have I seen the vast array of colours and cool critters. Now diving in a shorty suit to freezing in a 9mm suit here - different story…

I wore a compressed neoprene drysuit, so I was not cold or wet, in fact I was warm and toasty. I have traveled in the past but do not like to fly these days, so I am content to explore my backyard.