Some ncix builds I'd like opinions on

cheapo system:

  ASUS M2N-MX SE Plus mATX AM2+ GE6100-NF430 1PCI-E16 2PCI SATA2 RAID Video Sound LAN Motherboard 
  Buffalo Firestix FSX1066-D2C-1GX2 2GB 2X1GB PC2-8500 DDR2-1066 CL5 240PIN DIMM Dual Channe IR-$15 
  Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB SATA2 8.5MS 7200RPM 16MB Cache Hard Drive OEM 5YR MFR Warranty 
  Sparkle Power SPI ATX-400PN 400W ATX12V 20/24PIN Power Supply W/ 120MM Fan P4 AMD Ready OEM 
  LG GH22NS30 Black DVD+RW 22X8X16 DVD-RW 22X6X16 DL 16X/12X 2MB SATA OEM 
  Compucase 6T10BB mATX Case Piano Black 2X5.25 2X3.5 1X3.5INT eSATA Front USB IR-$5 
  AMD Athlon 64 X2 4450E Dual Core Processor Socket AM2 2.3GHZ 2X512KB 65NM 45W Retail Box 

YOUR TOTAL  $367.95


ill post later tonight, Im having a heck of a time getting it “just” right… :wink:

I can not find specs on your main board at will it support anything over ddr2 800?

most AM2’s support DDR2 :neutral_face:

support yes, always bwc. but can it use the 1066?

my computer i build 7 years ago still rocks, i got it tweaked out and its faster then any computer Ive used to this date, except for gaming.

all this dual quad stuff is crap

the board supports 1066, and the CPU, but what I was originally wondering was if I could put a single core 2.1ghz on it, and still use the DD2-1066, or would it clock the ram down to 800, becuase thats what the 2.1 uses, while the dual uses the 1066, Im an old schooler myself, this is for a friend/client. the single core is half the price of the dual…

man am I happy we didnt order it, did you guys see the deals at NCIX? damn…

I was going to stick to onboard video , but with those prices youd have to be nutz not to drop a 256 meg card in for 40 bucks?

wait till you guys see the pricey one, hint (It loves the sun.)

PS: just saw all the trouble everyones having with the firestixs and 1066, maybe Ill just grab some 800’s and stick with the single core, does that mean the ram will run at 400, and I have to get some dual channel 800’s?

4 GB of 800 beats 2 GB 1066
Single core 1640 will save a whole $15
If you’re into cheap, forget the video card. Onboard is good enuff for all but serious game playing.

You’re joking right…?

I think what herbie means is that if you want to game then you won’t go far with onboard?

I agree with Herbie. If you want to play Crysis, sure, it won’t cut it. But it’ll be fine for World of Warcraft, Bejewelled, or Facebook Scrabble.

If you want to game don’t buy that one. It’s a totally bottom end AMDX2 “family box”.
New boards out with built in crossfire capability onboard ATI3800 and a slot to add another.
I’ve been stalling upgrading my X2 6000 for awhile now.

Aren’t you the guy who thought video cards only came in 32, 64, 128 and 256? You’re a video card expert now? I play WoW on my laptop with built-in graphics, no problemo.  Onboard video is good enough for anything but serious gaming. No joke.

lol okey okey guys, lets not get testy, :wink:

I was looking for the cheapest, but now I have to revise my

system setup, Im changing the mobo, the cpu, the ram,

keeping the drives, there okey arnt they? …

what about the sparkle is it really okey? or is there another

I should look at.

I’m quite sure the power supply you mentioned will handle the payload you specified. If your friend/client want to play any games made past 2002/03, you might have to add a video card. Especially if they have a teenage son.

If they want to just surf the web and maybe play Solitaire or even Counter-Strike, this set-up is optimal.

This friend/client you’re building this for, how will they use this computer? Basic websurfing and such, right?

400W is ample. You only need more for twin SLI setups.
Build towards the USE of the machine. If this is a business box to run Simply Accounting and MS Office - you could step down to the single core even.
If it’s for basic family use - it’s fine as is. Your onboard video will do at least 256MB, you can add a 512 or bigger card later. You might want to up the X2 speed, because they’re cheap these days. Or like I said 4Gigs of 667 is better than 2 of 1066, RAM speed means dick for everyday use. … -us0000371
These are nice boards, handle Semprons to Phenom Quads, run twin monitors off the onboard and you can hybrid a 2nd video card if you want.

pardon my ignorance, but

AMD® 780G chipset with SB700 southbridge

ATI Radeonâ„¢ HD 3200 graphics engine

arent they seperate video chipsets on the same board?

They’re basically two pieces of a single component. The Radeon 3200 is the core of the graphics card (GPU and memory and shit), and the 780G is the rest of the interface. I think :wink:

Do you enjoy your 10 fps in Outland, Org, IF or during raiding and pvp?

Lol 10 fps, I bought that am2 mobo for my older computer, when I put my 4200+ in it and the mobo isn’t all that great. I have an extra ati x1300 512mb 128bit pci-e video card laying around if anyone is interested.