Some electronics for sale

Used electronics and hockey equipment for sale. (all items are like-new unless noted) MUST SELL!

  1. Gaming/Graphic Design PC
  2. iPhone 4
  3. Car audio components (subwoofers, amplifiers, speakers)
  4. Hockey Goalie equipment

[New Prices from when available;, or otherwise]

PC - must sell as complete unit, no “parts only”
[New: $366] CPU: Intel i7 2600K Quad-Core (3.4GHz Stock, Overclocked to 4.3GHz)
[New: $70US] Motherboard: ASUS P8P67 Deluxe
[New: $78US] Memory (RAM): 8GB (4 x 2GB) Mushkin Enhanced Redline DDR3 1600
[New: $80-90] Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 5770 1Gb ram. Can play most games at almost highest quality.
[New: $10] CD/DVD writer
[New: $40] Antec Kuhler Liquid cooling unit (minor wear)
[New: $139] Corsair HX650W 80PLUS Gold Modular Power Supply
[New: $50] Lynksys Wireless card & antenna
[New: $234] Silverstone FT01B-W Fortress Mid-tower case with window

Hard Drives
[New: $77] 1: 500GB Hybrid SSD/HDD
[New: $89] 2: 2TB HDD
[New: $95ea] 3&4: x2 - 2TB Western Digital MyBook Live network harddrives (Ethernet not USB)
[New: $85] 5&6: x2 - 1TB Western Digital MyPassport External USB hard drives (1 works fine, 1 has intermittant issues - free)

[New: $450] 1: Logitech diNovo Edge wireless rechargable keyboard and charging dock (minor wear)
[New: $110] 2: Logitech G700 wireless rechargable gaming mouse (minor wear)
[New: $80] 3: Creative wireless Bluetooth Headphones
[New: $40] 4: Linksys WRT160N wireless router
[New: $190] 5: Gateway FHX2402L 24inch LED 1080P HD display
[New: NA]6: InterAct Hammerhead FX gaming controller. (minor wear)
[New: INCL.] 7: All cables and connectors to hook it up.
[New: $40] 8: Thermaltake External SATA & USB HDD docking station. For easyily hotswapping drives, supports 2.5 and 3.5 inch SATA drives.
[New: $40] 9: Wacom Intuos4 Graphics art tablet & Pen + various pen tips.

Desk and Computer chair INCLUDED FREE with PC
[New: $300] Heavy-duty MDF desk with 3 drawers, white (minor wear)
[New: $120] Leather Executive Chair (minor wear)

PRICE if new: $2373
ASKING: $1500 (save $873) firm


iPhone 4 - White
On iOS 5, NEVER upgraded to iOS 6 or 7
16GB version, ROGERS
Ballistic case, charger dock cables and charger cube included.
Battery keeps charge, all edge buttons and mute toggle work perfect.
Cracked glass front only, touch screen works 100%, Home button has issues

ASKING: $125 firm


Car audio components

LOUD car system, or use as-is for iPod, PC, Home theater.
USED, good condition, MINOR wear - MUST SELL AS SET!
[New: $50ea] 1: x4 - 12" Phoenix Gold Octane 250W Subwoofers
[New: $75/set] 2: x4 (2 sets) - 6"x9" Rockford Fosgate 3-way speakers 150W
[New: $300ea] 3: x2 - 800W Phoenix Gold Octane Amplifiers. 4 channels
[New: $200] 4: x2 - Custom MDF matte black enclosures.
[New: $60] 5: x2 - Stinger 12ft RCA cables

[NEW: $1210] ASKING: $450 (save $760) firm - MUST SELL AS SET!

Car audio component speakers
[New: $130/set] 4: x2sets - Infinity kappa series speakers. 6.75" midrange & 1" tweeters. Crossovers included. (some minor damage to cable connections on tweeters, but everything works great and sounds amazing Fits most VW models)
ASKING: $50 for both sets.


Goalie equipment - High-end gear
Vaughn cat-eye mask, black need some foam repair. Size: Senior L
Vaughn clear plexi neck shield
Vaughn EPIC 6000 Chest protector, white/gold/black (excellent condition) Size: Senior XL
RBK Premier Pro II 34" Senior leg pads, White/Canucks Blue (excellent condition)
RBK Goal pants (excellent condition), black. Size: SeniorXL 34-40" waist
RBK 9k goal skates (good condition) Size: (10.5 regular shoe size)
TPS Glove and Blocker (good, could use some care)

Quoted $500 at consignment store in Vernon, ASKING: $500 - MUST SELL AS SET!


Best wishes with your sale items. Moving this to the For Sale Forum.

Can you post a few pictures of the goalie set?

I’m uploading a bunch of pics to a image gallery right now. Will post a link when they are ready…

Forgot to mention: All of the gear has been treated with Lysol disinfectant spray after 99% of times they were used and I’m not a smelly guy. As far as hockey gear goes, these smell like roses.

Also included (totally forgot about these for the original post):

  • Vaughn Epic SeniorXL Jock protector (excellent condition)
  • RBK SR Goal stick (has minor fracture, would be a great backup stick)
  • Source for sports goalie gear roller bag (one skate pouch is torn from catching it on a wall or door or something, can’t remember… but everything still fits into the main bag (except the stick)
  • And the helmet comes with a ventilated protective carry bag.

Gallery of main pieces of gear. … VNKtbKP8Ge

UPDATE: PC is sold. Thank you!