Solar flare

“There was a solar flare on the 16th of June. The shock from this flare should reach about midnight on the 17th GMT. This means that the distortion in the solar wind that leads to auroral activity should occur during the night over the USA. This prediction may be as much as 10 hours off, but it would be worth it to check the northern sky tonight if you live in the northern half of the US.”

i am puzzled how this is a tech topic

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t solar flares interfere with radio signals or other electronics?

if i remember correctly, solar flares happen all the time, its the magnitude that makes it conflict with signals. What makes the northern lights is the solar radiation being caught in the Van Allen belts and being brought up to the poles where there energy is released as light. So they may interfere with satillite signals, but i dunno about ground signals.

I question whether we will be able to see the aurora given its only 4 days away from the longest day of the year. but I’ll wait up and see.

also : summer solstice…sweet weather…ritual bronze hat shined up… ima have some fun this weekend!

tech = science = shit like this