Solar Flare light show tonight … ra-lights/

Ya, I seen this earlier in the day and am heading out with my camera gear in hopes of getting some good photos. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow full of Rockstar and Monster drinks.

where does it say tonight it says sunday .

how to photograph northern lights - great article. … ghts.shtml

some of my past shots on Babine lake

what time do you think well see it way up in rupert if we do get to see it ?

Was out till 12:30 at Rainbow lake and no sign of them. Doh! Can’t stay up much later. bed time.

Here’s one shot. Nothing major but ok.

It’s suposed to peak wed/thurs. … story.html
Guess what I’m doing tomorrow night.

[quote=“photoguy”]Here’s one shot. Nothing major but ok.[/quote]

Looks good, man!