Any one know of some software that has something similar to spider web theory where you start in the center with a circle and work your way out for plotting story-lines or ideas ?

Something like Inspiration? … /index.cfm

Exactly… thanks Mig… if it doesn’t work ill post… see if there is any other software out there…

You may also want to try OmniGraffle if you have a mac.

thanks dave… yes i’m on a mac… Jaguar to be exact…

Thanks Dave. Omni Graffle Is wicked i have been playing with it for the last 3 hours and love it… all i need now is the sin

jleaman, glad you like Omni Graffle…I’ve sent you a PM with some info.

Omni Graffle is some sweet software you can do networking layout and other stuff kick ass i like it…

the cisco works suite i think is what its called… its pretty cool anyways i played with it in school it will go through your network and draw a diagram of all the networking devices/hosts/switches in your network. pretty nifty stuff.

That would be cool also… got a copy i can try ?

wait it might have been fluke… i will look at my cd’s when i get back home and send you all the nifty little tools we used.