Software Piracy

Telus forwarded a complaint from ASEA or some name like that, a anti-piracy lobby out of Washington DC. They basically said that someone coming through my server had illegally downloaded several games. Imagine that, people downloading games thru the Internet, huh?
But the morons contacted Telus who have nothing to do with me! Duh!

So the reason I’m griping is that I was so incensed by the nerve of some Yankee lobby demanding I track the guy down, after hearing they so far hosed over $20 million in illegal softwood duties just from Fort St James, that I wasted an hour writing them and tell them to F.O.A.D. politely.

I even cc’d telus and told them to stop being such corporate brown nosers.

:imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: I don’t play computer games but I feel like downloading ALL NIGHT LONG and passing out burnt copies on the reserve.

Piracy is like pot here in canada.
Both should be legalized… oh wait… then it wouldnt be as great.