So, what did you get?

What was your best gift?

What was your worst gift?

What was the best gift you gave?

How about your kids?

Any funny gifts?

Ha ha… so, is that your best, worst or funniest?

I’m never gonna get used to the twenty-first century. Caffeinated bacon? Baconated grapefruit? Admiral Crunch?

I think my best gift was " 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die", edited by Steven Jay Schneider", with the DVD box set of the tv series “Profit” being a close second. Oh and a Stubbs horse print my mom brought me back from London.

No worst gifts.

The ‘dry bag’/belt I have my husband for our upcoming trip and the copy of “Ghost in the Shell” I gave my daughter tied for best given gift.

Lots of fun gifts, we were aiming more for fun stocking-stuffer gifts but there was no way that film book would have fit in my stocking!

I got a really awesome 2009 Nerd Calendar.  As in a calendar featuring a different topless nerd every month.

I got an "Oven Lovin’ " ornament in my stocking. Gingerbread couple doin’ it.

Baking ?!?!  :imp:

Heatin’ up the kitchen, that’s fer sure!
Funny thing was the couple who gave it to us left the kids at home making a gingerbread house while they made the rounds, and brought pics when they came for dinner.
Kids dropped the kit, and it looked like something from the Evil Dead or the Far Side… gingerbread heads and limbs everywhere. Hole in the roof with a sled sticking out… had to mention they were weird little girls and I hoped their Granma didn’t send them a Klaus Barbie doll and an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas!

The best gift I got was the entire Soprano’s dvd set ( all 38 dvd’s )

I got to sleep in… AND A WHOLE DAY OFF!!!

I got a visit from:

Holy crap!! THATS WHAT I GOT!!! :smiley:

Tasmanian Devil slippers, a really nice warm robe, and a cool little wireless mouse for my macbook

a lump in my throat, a pile of flem in the sink, and a fever, its the gift that keeps on giving, but the best thing i got besides the flu is a case for my Iphone. and a brand new baby boy…

w0000000 w0000000 congrats Astro!!  That’s a pretty sweet present!!

THANK you Smartass very sweet indeed…

Yeah, and the baby is pretty sweet present too.

Heehee.  Congrats.

What kind of iPhone case?  I tried like 5 or 6 of 'em, and finally settled on one of these:  All the other cases I tried got in the way of just putting the phone in your pocket.

Congrats on your baby, Astro!  A wonderful Christmas gift! :smiley:

Hi MiG I got the high impact polycarbonate from scosche comes with 2 backs one with a stand