So whaddaya think in Rupert?

We win ALL the rulings. Emerson crosses the floor because ‘the Liberals were ready to accept deals with quotas and them keeping some of our money’. Trade spokesman mentioning on tv 2 weeks ago that it’s important we don’t say we’re “negotiating” a deal because our postion is clear. We’ve already won.
Last 2 days "Negotiations underway"
Today "Deal Reached"
At least Ontario says no.
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Another bunch of nutless wonders in Ottawa, and we wait to hear how this gets presented as a victory.

Although I don’t like the whole deal this has been a process that has been going on for a long time, not just in the past two days as your post suggests. Here’s my favorite part.

fuck that 78% bullshit.

at $300 a pop that buys us about a billion Ak-47’s… lets do this.