So.... How was the Grand Opening.........?

Hey Everybody, How was the grand opening last night at the Superport? Had heard that the dignitaries had all left town by 2pm…Is that true?  Anyway, did not venture out last night so was curious as to your opinions, as always :smiley:

i think the word would be… packed…

It was kind of funny , when all the “common” people showed up they were running for their helicopter’s , The Mayor of Prince George almost mowed me down running.

I was at both ceremonies today…the first one was very very sticky and dry  hot and boring.  But a good feast put on by rain and the NWCC culinary program.
The big public one was crazy busy everyone having a good time…I thought all food woulda been free.  I thought the port and maher woulda covered all costs.
The french fry guy was from Terrace…whats with that…we have to import our trans fats from terrace???

There were smiles everywhere. I talked to many politicians and executives and everyone is happy with the developments and the show that was put on.

As always I was there with camera and am loading a bunch of pictures as I type this it may take me a day or two to tag and label everything but I’ll be posting about 50 images.

Feel free to check out the pictures at

you have nice pictures I like the Chinese drummers, you post more pictures please of these Ok, is prince Rupert part of Alaska, or British Columbia, do people there grow coco plants. Does Britain still run Columbia like they did with Hong Kong. You post more pictures ok!