So, did anything much happen while we were away?

They say that the month of August provides for the Dog days of the year, the sultry final days of summer when not much happens.

As we sit down to our accumulated volumes of Daily and weekly Podunkian newsprint however, it would seem that the events that we are only now just catching up on after our sabbatical from the world of blogging, show that this particular old adage is not necessarily so in Podunk, nor the wider world it seems.

While we were out seeking our share of solar comfort, quite a few events seem to have taken the centre stage in Podunk, BC, Canada and the World, oh where to begin…

(from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article … 6729996446)-

Seeing as you are my link to what is passing for published news in Rupert this past while (they’ve not updated the page for weeks), I’d miss both your updates on local news AND your eminently sane discussions related to your posts on the HTMF boards .

Don’t make yourself a slave to the blog, have fun and STAY!!


Hey Podunkian,

Just a heads-up that Gary Coons now has a new website where he posts all his press releases and anything he writes for the various newspapers in the riding.  You may want to bookmark it (or better yet, subscribe to the e-mail announcement thingie). 

That will get you a head start on any MLA-related issues, anyway.

Saffron: Thanks for the kind words, I shall try not to enslave myself to my CityWest link to the world… (on those occassions when the system is up and running anyways).

Suspect I’m not ready to disappear just yet, heck, there is an election coming up this fall (maybe two of them depending on Steven Harper’s whims) so that should be good fun for blogging if nothing else…

Mig: Thanks for the link to the Gary Coons site, I’ll bookmark it and keep it in mind for any future Podunkian research.