Snowy roads

Does the city not plow roads anymore or shovel sidewalks ? it is Monday right… Holidays are over PR…at least have one out

They were out on some roads earlier today, but haven’t seen much of them since the second bit of snow arrived.

I’m not sure what they do about sidewalks anymore, I know downtown the business owners are responsible for their stretch of sidewalk, not sure if that ever was made a requirement of home owners with sidewalk frontage.

And while it may be a Monday, Christmas and Boxing Days fell on the weekend Saturday and Sunday, so I imagine today is still considered a stat (and tomorrow too) for them, meaning they would have a smaller crew (if any). You could phone city hall, and ask about the snow removal strategy, but they’re away from the office until next monday!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sheeeeeeeeet! must be nice having those extra days off, by then the snow will be gone and a dozen or so cars smashed up! I seen one fender bender today so we got 11 to go :smile:

Think of it as a boxing day event for local auto body shops.

As far as I know the city is only obligated to plow the bus routes. It’s always been like that. As for who to call, it would probably be the city works yard you should dial and put a complaint to. Doesn’t mean anything will get done though. I’ve never seen sidewalks done by the city either. Downtown merchants are obligated to clean the sidewalks in front of their store fronts, and make sure they are free of ice. Could be the same with residents.

Ah just like the Thanksgiving weekend storm, people want information and no one is home.

Jacko, will ye never learn

Checked the city’s website, no real information there for anyone trying to find anything out about snow plow intentions and such.

Well at least we have the gas. for now???

My road isn’t a bus route, and it got plowed once today. And yeah, Today would be double time during the DAY for city workers; and I’m sure it would be more for them to work during the evening/night, so don’t expect too much.

safety should be a priority here people… double time or not… get’r done… or are we a little short on revenue again…hhmmmmmm

Doesn’t mean they don’t do other roads. Means bus routes are first and foremost. The rest is done, when and if there is time. :smiley: Some roads don’t get plowed at all.

This is the only thing I saw on the city website about snow removal. Public Works has a after hours phone #. Wonder if you can get info from that?

That quiet little out of the way street that you chose so your kids could ride their bikes and play hockey while still being safe from too much traffic is also safe from those big noisy snow plows that you only need 2 or three times a year. Just take the good along with the bad and use your head until the roads are cleared - either by the rain or snow removal crews. And you don’t have to stop using your head when the snow is gone, either.

Come on folks, Just look in the phone book. Its plain to see there is a on call phone# 250-624-1037 for after hours or holiday city problems.

Quit bitching, And call!

Snow in Rupert! Time to call out the Army!

It was about 10 years ago that Toronto became the laughing stock of Canada (you know, this snowy country we live in) for calling out the Army for help because of snow.

Seriously, this is Canada. Get over it. If you don’t have snow tires or snow shoes, then don’t venture out in the snow.

That is hilarious MiG and how embarrassing ! I grew up in southern Ontario and this was an every winter occurence, not the Army, but the SNOW, and it was never really an issue so when I hear folks complaining here about our minimal bit of snow, I have to chuckle ! Be grateful we don’t have to deal with the cold here, the -10 to -20C on occassion with the windchill. Br-rrrrrr, now that is something to complain about ! Don’t worry anyway, we’ll be up to our ankles in slush on Thursday when it rains !

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I am stuck in my basement suite and I am doomed , I am not allowed to shovel snow because of my Ticker and I have not heard the plow boy go by. Call the army in .

Brilliant …

I have 10 inches up at crestview. what about yor area?

Maybe this is an option for you…

Of course this morning, being a beautiful morning with the sunrise gleaming off the snow, I decided to walk to work down the nicely well-trodden path…until the much-maligned (at least on this thread) snowplow came by and filled the sidewalk full with icy dirty lumps.

So, all you people who rely on their cars to get anywhere now have two nice lanes in which to swerve and slide around. The pedestrians? Well, I guess we can suck it, Trebek!!