Snowing already

So yeah im in Grande Prairie Alberta… and yeah its snowing… September 14th…Snow… WTF? haha hows rupert holding out?

It’s sunny…which is great, the rain hasn’t started up yet  :laughing:

Frig, I wish I lived in a place where it snows.  I’m stuck on an island without my favourite time of year :frowning:

Hey, timbits,  my brother is supposed to be around this area.  You remember my last name don’t you?  If you ever come across a guy around 30 but looking younger and about the same height as me with the same last name, ask him if he knows me.  My brother is way slimmer than me.  He works for Weatherford as leak tester.  Can’t miss the huge tattoo on his shoulder.

I’m moving out to Calgary in December/January…it already snowed there…

Oh well, I love the snow.