Snow tires

I seem to recall talk of making winter tires mandatory in BC this season  :angry:.  This was last winter after Quebec made it mandatory.  I havent really heard anything since then - but I’m wondering what ever became of that issue??

That’d be the stupidest shit ever.

Hah - yeah, pretty lame.  I could definitely see it for those that live south of Hope or Vancouver Island.  :imp:

south of vancouver isnt that the states?

I believe in many parts of BC they are mandatory. I do not think here, but if ya ever went to Smithers or something and got into an accident and you did not have snow tires on, I think you be up the creek without a paddle or boat.

Well I peeked around and I guess they are not mandatory anywhere. If you get into an accident they can give you a ticket for having inadequate tires.

Corporal Dave Barnhardt says there hasn’t been a change to the motor vehicle act when it comes to winter tire laws…but you can get a ticket if you’re in a crash and police think improper tires were a contributing factor.

He adds while there’s been talk of having provincial legislation to make snow tires mandatory like Quebec, it’s difficult for BC with such varied geography.

However, Barnhardt says at the very least, vehicles should have a good set of mud and snow all season tires.

So find us some for 12" wheels… good luck! :smiley: