Snow in Newfoundland

Photos my father sent me…  Note the French title… I guess the original source is a Francophone.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

part 2

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

part 3

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Holy Cow that’s a whack of snow…

Wouldn’t mind having the snow blower dealership there, retirement is but a season away…

And we complain when it snows here, :astonished:

That is CRAZY snow!!!

Funny how everyone is smiling in the photos though!


It’s not over:


Also, check out this photo from Miscou Island in Northeastern New Brunswick ( near my folks place)

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Those aren’t smiles, it’s shock…

Holy Smokes!!  That is SNOW!!! :smiley:

Better them (or anyone else!)  than us!!  :smiley:

Those are great photos there Mig, thank you for sharing them and thank your father for letting us know what real snowfall is all about. I bet you wish that you could be there helping cause that is the kind of guy you are.

Actually, I’ve seen lots of snow when I lived in Prince Rupert too.  The difference is that the snow seems to build up more in huge snowbanks in certain part of the east coast.  The picture I posted was from a  single 35 cm snowfall but it was taken on a road near a large body of frozen water with the wind coming from above the ice.  As soon as something catches, the bank builds up from the snow drifting across the flat surface.  I arrived at my parents place the evening before that storm and my dad’s 75 feet driveway was clear with 4 feet snowbanks on each side.  The next morning, you couldn’t tell the driveway from the older snow banks. We cleaned the front steps 4 times during the morning because it kept building up from the drifting snow.
There was a snowbank on a side road that was about 8 feet high, built up in just one night.  The winds were 60-70 km/h. 

May i ask when all this snow fell ? All in one day or just over time ?

These photos are actually from a few years ago (2003?).  They’re not of the current storm.

when I lived in terrace back in the middle 60’s and early 70’s snow was like that 10 to 15 feet, I had a picture of my dads logging truck and all you could see was the smoke stacks on the truck…

Cool pictures MiG’s