Snow Day

Is this crazy or what!  Sure don’t feel or look like spring out there.


Totally crazy, and apparently it’s just us. Drive BC webcams don’t show snow in Terrace, Kitimat or out by Kasiks.

How much snow is required to get a snow day at work?

Getting pretty close to that photoguy.  It’s getting thicker out there.

But it’s pretty   :neutral_face:

Hope you guys didn’t put your snow shovels away just yet  :-D

So, I’m kinda guessing its snowing in Rupert? :smile:

Answered that myself by looking at my Weather Widget, it does indeed show snow! Gah! Jealous!

The forecast for the next week is calling for sun. Maybe spring will come after all. … _savedcity

Walking in a Winter Wonderland  :smiley:

$stand up and turn around