Lets create some “Sniglets”  from the past tv series in the 80’s “Not Necessarily the News”.

Cable series took an offbeat look at current events, often by dubbing over news video with farcical commentary. The series also gave rise to ‘sniglets’ by Rich Hall, ‘new’ words for everyday things and actions that did not have words.

I’ll start with:


Butter-crustyouses is the toast crumbs left on the butter after you butter your toast.

I invented one awhile ago on this site: 

Threadging:  The action of digging out old threads.

Did you invent that word?  If so, someone else did too: … 4&start=45

But yeah, if you do a google for it, your name is attached:

Also, that’s my new favourite google forum tool.

Well I wasn’t aware of the first inventor so I can not be accused of plagiarism.