Snakes on the island

I just heard from a collegue that she found a dead garter snake at the end of her driveway this morning.  Being from a warmer climate originally, she was able to identifiy it easily. Interestingly enough, these reptiles are not indiginous to the island.  I was wondering if this was just an example of transplanted wild life, or are the little buggers making their way here.  Has anyone seen a living reptile on the island in natural habitat?  I know there are a number of pets, but to think that any cold blooded animal can live in this climate is strange.  Either we are getting warmer, or they are getting hardier. 

garter snakes are found all the way up too canyon city to terrace, I never heard of a snake this far west, (Prince Rupert) as its too wet, garter snakes make good pets, it more likely that it got out of someone’s home. I have seen dead salamanders here so maybe there could be snakes?

Yeah, I have seen them along the highway, about halfway to Terrace.  It was a young one, and living along the railway tracks.  The crossties generally attract them with the heat they absorb.  Funny to think that they are possibly mirgrating westward.  When I was a kid, I used used to play with them constantly, as they were everywhere in northern ontario, and they do make awesome pets. 

…when they don’t poop all over you getting picked up…

I found a big frog up at Diana Lake a few years back brought it home to my Aquarium (bad spelling maybe) I finally released  it back to the wild.

lots of salamanders in rupert, ive found them overturning rocks in the winter, they are all torpid and one of them even had frost on his back, but he was still mitosing.

ive seen a bunch of different varietys but most of them are brown with orange bellies.

I have to say I have never seen a snake here on the Island, Oh Wait, I have and he whirls around on his f----king wheels downtown and begs for money…Oh sorry, been there, done that with that topic . Still pissed off with the Snake :angry: See what happens when a topic is sent to the Wasteland and I have all this pent up anger to deal with now!      Oh, sal dali, what part of Northern Ontario do you hail from, I was born in North Bay, moved to Ottawa and lived most of my life in Hamilton… There are many garter snakes in the “Banana Belt” also. Cute!!! Never had one as a pet though.

Hey Cody.  I hail from a number of places in Ontario.  Born in Toronto, raised there, and Elliot Lake, Sault Ste. Marie, and then Eastern Ontario around Cornwall and Ottawa.  North Bay is cool…I have a brother-in-law from there…one of the many Lalondes.  I used to love driving through North Bay and seeing the Bible and Christian Book Store, right beside the Strip Joint.  I think Tom Green even did an episode there. 

  This is turning into “old home week” but it is nice to “meet” someone from my old turf. I grew up in Ottawa as an Air Force Brat on CFB Uplands and of course TO is my old stomping ground having lived in Steel City for so long…Used to wander over there on the weekends :imp:  Nice to meet ya sal dali… :smile:

I have recently came across a HUGE spider in my house near the hospital.

It was as big as my hand and as big as a trantula. The bigest spider I have ever see in my life besides seen them on TV.

post a picture!!!

  I think that might be what I was told was a “wolf spider”. When I first moved to Rupert, we stayed at the Parkside Hotel and I saw one on the carpet. Now as a certifiable arachnaphobic, I grabbed the vacuum and sucked the crap out of it. Problem with this was that the sucker walked back out of the hose and I went running down the street screaming like a little girl :astonished:  In all seriousness though, the regular spiders even are horrible this year, they are hanging everywhere and I can’t wait for some cold weather to kill them off.  Hate them with a passion…Ugh, got a case of the creepies now :cry:

I drove from Montreal to Ottawa one weekend and I remember a sign saying snake crossing!!!  I thought that was kinda weird.  I love that part of canada.
There had been a lot of spiders of late.  Iwatch one attack a daddy long leg in its web the other night.  It was kinda cool.