Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette, but step, step be sure to take those

New smoking regulations came into effect in British Columbia on Monday, changing the way that British Columbia store owners can sell their tobacco products and moving smokers even further away from the provinces drinking establishments.

The Tobacco Control Act bans smoking in all indoor public spaces and workplaces, as well as smoking within three metres of public and workspace doorways, open windows or air intakes. Locally Northern Health will be tasked with the job of enforcing the new provisions of the act, which includes some hefty fines for those businesses that choose to blow smoke in the faces of the law makers.

The new rules expand further from the days of designated smoking rooms, which saw the provinces drinking establishments spend thousands of dollars in renovations and ventilation systems for their pubs and clubs, all gone up in smoke and made redundant with the revisions that took place today…

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