Smiles Restaurant has terrible Inspection Report Again

What about Rupert harbours famous corn fed shrimp

Ah yes, from the infamous “corn-eyed brown trout”.

It is really, really good!  We didn’t “dine” there last year just because the price had increased almost $2 over the previous year and for the amount you receive we thought almost $12 was a little too much.  What are they charging this year Bubba? Maybe I’ll splurge anyway :smiley:

Can’t really help increasing the prices, if the price of the fish increases, the price of the meal increases, although, their prices haven’t increased at all this year. You pay just as much at smiles, for less fish, the batter just puffs up more and makes it look like a bigger fillet than it actually is. Plus, the fries are better at bobs on the rocks anyways.

      I called at noon…funny you should ask: $ 11.95 1 piece fish… $ 12.95 2 piece fish…$ 13.95 3 piece fish…all include fries I think… it really is a little high, as your not dining in.
Two people could share the 3 piece and chips, then it would be worth a try… :wink:

Okay, go dine at smiles then LOL.

I hear little birdies, they’re saying cheap cheap cheap. LOL

bubbasteve did Smiles have the same reputation when you worked there?

what about all the other places that have not had an inspection in a while? how many do they need to have in a year? I know that when I had worked at the Coast I had to go and scrubs the black mold off the walls in the cooler downstairs and I couldnt reach all of it.


I’ve never worked at Smiles.  :wink: 

Once a year.

According to the website, some dining spots haven’t been inspected since 2008 but I guess there haven’t been any complaints.


Those prices are not bad… I think I’ll check it out when I come home. :smile:

Seafood is so expensive outside of Rupert :frowning:

Ive been to Smiles twice and both times the food was waaay to greasy. In my opinion ever since the Green Apple closed the only place for cheap and fast fish and chips is Dollys. If you want a more fancy place Cow Bay Cafe is the best. 

I have to agree with a previous poster, in saying that the best is always homemade.
With that said Cow Bay and Dolly’s are satisfactory. One would expect something deep fried to be greasy, as for Dolly’s, I was initially dissapointed with the fish there, but this was due to some pretty lofty expectations, word of mouth did in Dolly’s for me.
I enjoy seafood pretty often, and usually it is directly from the ocean, and homemade, in that regard both places will do when I dont have the time or energy to prepare it myself.

I hear they wrap them in a special paper …

lol…way too funny