Smiles Restaurant has terrible Inspection Report Again … Count=1000 … Count=1000 … EE82F29886

  unbelievable…  :confused:

I havent actually eaten there in about 4 years lol and I live here. Yeah this report is very good to have for the publice eye to see.

Kitchen nightmare?

Reading those inspection reports, none of the things that they were written up for really bother me.

Me either except for the food being kept at room temp… Mind you I dont eat seafood so it wouldnt be a concern regardless.

Before my husband and I moved here we had friends that kept telling us how wonderful Smiles was - that we HAD to eat there.  We did.  The food was bad, the service was worse - never have gone back - so this report doesn’t really surprise me.

Except maybe depending on where that sewage leak is…

mmm sewage with my food gotta love it

I wonder how many of our home kitchens would pass the Health Officer’s check? I would think not many!

The last time we were up there, we did take the kids in for lunch since they both love fish and chips. Very greasy and the side salad my husband had was just sad. Sorry to say but if Pegleg’s was still in operation, I would be telling family or friends to go there instead. I have had great seafood dinners in Smiles but that was a very, very long time ago.

Mine would.

The best fish and chips, currently, in this town has got to be bobs on the rocks. Just had some today, and it was great!!!

Have to agree with you there Bubba  :smiley:  Glad to see they are open again, get my fish & chip fix !  Is it still for sale as I know they were trying to sell last year?

Thx for posting.  I lost this address when I lost my bookmarks.  I find the site to be valuable.  Looking at the multiple infraction at Smiles means that I won’t be eating there.  I don’t want an intestional inferno.

Does Bobs use premade frozen fish filets or do they use fresh fresh fish and batter?  Also, do the fries look like they are handcut?  Thanks for the review.  I would have never thought to go down there for fish and chips.

  me neither… I will now… :smile:

I used to get my fish and chips at the Green Apple…I don’t think their health board inspections were all that hot either…sure tasted good though.

The best fish and chips in town, is at my house with the fresh halibut that i catch myself and cook myself . 

Living in rupert, everyone should have fresh fish and know how to cook it , funny thing is i’ve never eaten at smiles, and glad i dont, to that point i dont think i’ve ever ordered fish and chips anywhere lol 

To top off the smiles bad review, i’ve never had respect for the guy, i know a few girls that have worked there for $6 an hour and get fired after the training period is over, not to mention the way he treatres them, no respect and hitting on your waitresses especially the really young ones is not acceptable for any buiesness owner .

Yes, fresh Halibut from Dolly’s and fresh batter you can watch the cook make them haha. The fries were amazing too, nice and crispy,  with flavor to them, not just soggy potato flavor like some places…  Hand cut or not, they were really good. I don’t think they use a beer batter, so you get more fish than you do batter, which I like.

All in all, likely the best fish and chip dinner I’ve had in a long time.