Slurpee machine broken again!




Also, my avatar has Lime Crush in a needle.


Now you just need to add the audio.


I was so not happy man, the lime crush thing was just liquid, no ice.


I hate to interrupt a perfectly valid thread, but


As long as we’re interrupting: note dummies book.


Well that’s a well placed bow. Lets see how long it takes them to fix.


dude, I was just there at like 10:30 they got new machines how could they be broken?


Only like 2 out of the 8 were working. 2004:12:05 23:21:50


wow, so they get new slurpee machines and they don’t even work? :frowning:


I think they got new covers for the old machines. That’s what the girl said anyway, as I was screaming.


Who’s your dentist?

Nice job!


I don’t think he’d be too happy that I was exposing his work to slurpees.


how did you add the audio ?


The audio is actually the audio from

it’s a flash file.


Man, Penny Arcade’s writing sure is funny.


Holy crap man. I should by a slush machine and all my tech worries would be over.

And slushies behind enemy lines… wow refreshing