Slow down!

Road conditions currently suck. Everyone please slow down and drive with caution, regardless of how great your tires are, how many years you’ve been driving, how many horses you’ve got under the hood, blah, blah blah. Amazing how many drivers are out there driving around like normal right now. Very glad to be off the roads for the evening. Stay safe folks.

LOL, first snow of winter, every idiot and his dog forgets how to drive in the white stuff, every year like clockwork.

The hills are particularly fun to watch, unless of course the car coming down the hill sideways is coming at you…

Too true. ICBC is going to be busy.

Tis the giving season for the auto body repair places, just in time for Christmas they’ll be receiving cash presents for the next few weeks

Yeah, our hill is one of those “sideways” hills. We’ve had more than a few accidents coming down it. WHEEEE. I’m staying in tonight!