Anyone here think a skytrain from terrace to kitimat/rupert would be a swell waste of tax dollars when the port is built?

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Sorry, will not work. Maybe in about 20 years when P.R. is very large (Vancouver size). Lax Kw’alaams will be the size of Rupert and Metlakatla will be the size of Lax Kw’alaams.

What will we call that? The Greater city of Kaien. I could see a vision now…

It’s the Vancouver Canucks facing off against the Prince Rupert Kings tonight a 7:00 at the Pacific Civic Centre with a crowd of 35, 000.

Not a chance dude. They’ll put in a four lane highway long before that is ever considered. Vancouver with several million doesnt have Skytrain access to Abbotsford and Chilliwack. You can’t tell me that we will ever see a Skytrain to Terrace if there are even 100,000 people here. Maybe more regular train service but thats it.

There already is a train between Terrace and Rupert. $50 return. Leaves daily.

Prince Rupert won’t even be PG size for another 15-20 years… even then, you don’t seen a skytrain, or a 4 lane highway between Quesnel and Prince George (same circumstance). It’ll be the same as it is now, maybe make some improvements to the highway, like putting an overpass where the rail crossing is, and widening the 2 narrows. If anything, Lax Kw’alaams will see the largest growth, since they have the most land to build onto. Prince Rupert itself might grow upto 40,000 (on Kaien Island) but the surrounding area would grow to 100,000. This is my prediction under the “best” of conditions.

To me, this is even more of a pipe dream than that stupid bridge out to Digby Airport back in the '90s. Leaving aside the astronomical cost, and the fact that they’d have to charge insane amounts of money to recover it, what about the logistical problems?

A Skytrain would crash, kill dozens/hundreds of people, and would be noisy unless you’d make a long route through the mountains, but that’d cost like at least a couple BILLION dollars to even start.

Nice pipe dream though, maybe a larger highway would happen, or mesh along the side of the road for protection of animals.

I just have to wonder something: is there a problem with the highway as it is? Is it not able to adequately handle the current traffic load? I know I’ve been away a long time, but last time I was there I never heard about the highway ever getting crowded to the point that it would need even so much as an extra lane, let alone a new train system to alleviate the number of cars on the road.

The highway isn’t that busy, but i just think a larger highway could be an ok idea, although it will cost alot of money.

Why would it be a good idea?


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Why would it be a good idea?[/quote]

Because it will get busier. I think that we are talking about the future, not the present.

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why go to Terrace…REALLY!

Go to PRINCE GEORGE :laughing:

Why stop there? Go to Vancouver. Or better yet, Seattle. Or better yet, San Fransisco! (ad infinitum) 8)

See the biggest problem with this damn country is they are too worried about costs. If you goto Europe, They don’t care how much those big projects cost, they just look at it like a challenge, not a pipe dream. In the area smaller than BC, Europe has a dozen projects going at this time, that make the trans Canada Railway look like a walk in the park. If someone even thinks of something in Europe saying that its impossible, someone else will do it just to proove that they can. The container port in Rupert for example, that they are spending millions planning a surveying, is a rutine job anywhere else in the world. I think Canada needs to get out of the ice age and step upto the plate in modern engineering. Its just pretty damn sad when its a big deal to widen a road by 2 feet.

Most of those European countries you’re talking about actually have money to spend. Considering how much money the government here puts in to certain useless things, that I will not name, no wonder we do not have money to develop better things. Then again, there are some countries in Europe are that in debt big time, but seriously, why the hell would we need a skytrain here…like…really?

[quote=“ghost3x”]Anyone here think a skytrain from terrace to kitimat/rupert would be a swell waste of tax dollars when the port is built?

btw. i missed everyone here so much… i came back.


Ok lose the Skytrain Idea. Do we look like vancouver or japan?

Im thinking a Huge water slide park on the mountian.

yea and why does it have to be a sky train? cant it be a fire train or a earth train or a water train?

It’s also because a lot of the countries you mentioned have much higher tax rates than we do. Some countries such as Germany had personal income tax rates as high as 50% for the top brackets (though that’s coming down, and as a result I think you’ll see a subsequent cut in govenment spending.) Not to menion the fact that transportation infrastructure is much more cost-effective when you’re building it in a place with a high population density like Europe or Japan.