Skype what are your thoughts?

does anyone use it? do you use a phone with it? or do you use a headset?


I know a few people who use it.  In other countries it seems to be very popular.  I’m probably going to set up an account soon.  For 3$ a month, free if skype to skype, and 50% off if you get a years subsciption how can you really go wrong?

I’ve been using it for years and I love it.  Easy to use, great audio quality, and it’s free if you’re calling from computer to computer.  It’s especially nice for me because otherwise I’d have to pay a fortune in long-distance calls to talk to my family in Canada.


I use Skype to Skype fairly often as a way to keep in touch with my brother when he is in China. More often than not the audio quality is good and if you are both on a good ISP… video is decent.

Worth the price of admission!!

I use skype too, mostly to talk to my room mate in the other room haha.

Yes, we are geeks. But I’ve been using it forever. Great for keeping in touch.

I just bought a monthly subscription and it works great.  Audio is good, interface is easy.  Cheap like porridge. 

I just had it for 3 months for $20. Worked great. Didn’t use a phone, just my computers speakers and built-in mic. Only drawback was that I had a New Jersey area code and I couldn’t phone Canadian 1-800 numbers.

You must have bought the online number they call it, so that people can call you from their landline/mobile? 

thanks guys we set it up.

So this was my thinking, I’m going to cancel my cell phones and LAN line when my contract is up with citywest, switching to a cable Internet I already have the digital cable. then get a pay as you go cell phone. I don’t make a lot of calls from home. I will save 160.00 a month… Just have to watch my downloading if I do it.

Next Fall the wife is gone for a 10 months to do her nursing program, need a way for her to stay in touch with the kids so she and them don’t get too lonely  and forget her…


Yeah I got the number, which was great. Kind of hard explaining to government officials, particularly EI, as to to the fact I really wan’t in New Jersey.