Skill Testing Questions

What did Mahatma Gandhi and Genghis Khan have in common?

Name one measure which can be put into place to avoid river flooding in times of extensive rainfall (e.g. in Mississippi)?

Name six animals which live specifically in the Arctic.

Both were influenced by the teachings of the Prophet(PBUH) and dedicated themselves in His mission.

flooding in areas such as the Mississippi many be avoided by placing a number of big dames into the river

Two polar bears, four seals.

  I like that typo, “Dames”  :smiley:  or maybe it wasn’t, h-mmmmmm!  Have you seen “some of 'them big New Orleans Dames”?  Big Mamas !! I don’t think that would help though, way too much water displacement  :smiley:

I’ve got four…‘still thinkin’ 'bout the others

The questions and answers were actually taken from the following website: … hings.html

Google(ing) any of these questions would have taken you to a dozen websites loaded with these questions followed by dumb answers.  I guess expat@htmf.con did find the way to do it.

Arctic bumble bee
Arctic wolf spider
Arctic grayling
Arctic char
Arctic cisco
Arctic lamprey