Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

I dunno if you guys are into podcasts.  If so, here’s a good one for those interested in science and the scientific method, etc:

Thank god for podcasts, or my dog would never get to go for a walk!

Podcasts are an obsession with me. I often wonder what people think when they see me walking down the street, little white earphones sticking out of my ears, laughing as I go.

Thank god for podcasts.

i Have a silly question I keep hearing Pod cast what is it .MP3 files that are news or like anything.

Basically, they are broadcasts over the internet.  They can be audio or video.

Go to iTunes and go to Podcast directory and start subscribing!  Check out some of these:

“tiki bar”

“Ricky Gervais Podcast”

“Channel Federator”

thanks Mig, will do… oh I love my digital cable going to try and hook up to my to media center 2005 …

Be careful Astro. Once you go podcast, there’s no going back…

NPR:  Car talk -  has to be one of the best.  Actually, it’s a radio show that they have made available each Sunday.  Great show.

ya i see that my itouch will be full in no time…

If you’re into tech news, check out the TWIT podcasts. 

“This week in tech”

A whole bunch of podcasts there.  This is the best one, it’s a weekly roundup of tech news:

I’d like to try out this pod casting stuff.  Another fun thing to do when I get a macbook and an ipod. :smile:

Ahh, Click and Clack!  Yeah, we get that on American Forces Radio over here.  I always get a kick out of those guys!