Skeena River Relay


Duuuudes, so I’m sitting in the Canadian Tire parking lot, and there’s wireless access here. It’s weak, but I have my signal repeater thing. Excellent.


Signal repeater thing? Does that mean that while you’re sitting there, (using a weak signal), you’re also repeating and boosting the signal for others?


10-4. Had I known we had wireless here, I would have brought the streaming webcam (which is also wireless, on a tripod).

We’ll have to use that at the next HTMF geek night.


I really need to get an airport card.


We need to have an HTMF night somewhere.

Also, I didn’t bring my card reader or USB cable for my camera. Which is too bad, 'cause otherwise I’d upload photos.


Have it in Newfoundland! Then I can go.


Yeah, that will be in August though. HTNF. Hackingthenewfoundland.


MiG, were you ever a Boy Scout?