Skeena car death

Any body else here about the  car that went into the skeena where one women died.

just heard about in the news stuff on this site, I dont know any thing else…
very sad occurence …

one guy walked away and car andwoman havenot been found . i know the names but for personal reasons wont say the names . family has hope of her being found

The sister of the woman has created a facebook event to celebrate her life, so I think it’s okay to “out” the names.

i also seen her ask someone else to respect her wishes and take “RIP ashley”  off someelses page  :wink:

Always, always respect and fear the Skeena.

AMEN TO THAT! My heartfelt condolences to the family.

I think that was before they knew any details.

My thoughts are with her family and friends, and I hope they stay safe while celebrating her life.