Skeena Bulkley Valley "liaison"

So, Dick Harris (MP Cariboo PG) has “appointed” the Mayor of Houston as volunteer “liaison” to the Skeena Bulkley Valley riding. He says that parties other than the Cons do not have “access to the government”. He says that Nathan Cullen is not working hard enough for this riding.


Who was the liaison when Dick Harris was in opposition? 

His basic argument is that because Nathan is not in government, he doesn’t have access to government.  It’s bullshit.

When Dick Harris was an opposition member for all those years (with Reform and the Conservatives), he must have done a shitty job too, right? 

This move by Harris is a slap in the face for the people in the riding who are represented by Mr. Cullen.  The Cons were not elected in that riding.  Harris should leave well enough alone. :imp: 
The people decide who they send to parliament.  They do not need a go to person. :unamused:

Houston Mayor Sharon Smith is the Conservative candidate for the Skeena - Bulkley Valley riding for the next federal election.  I’m sure that this move is just to gain her some attention and expose her to the public and get her into the game early.

My first reaction was horror that the Cons would come right out and ADMIT that they do not (at least not willingly) give access to ‘government’ to MPs not in their own party. I mean, we all know this is happening, but the arrogance to come right out and admit it - wow!

Also, knowing what a tight ship Harper runs (ie. not allowing his caucus to speak without approval) - does that mean that he approved Harris’ move? If they were hoping to further the career of an individual over serving their constituents … well, I sure do hope that the Ethics Commissioner is awake!

Not only is this total disregard for Mr. Cullen, but it just shows how little respect the Conservations have toward another elected leader.  I say shame, shame on you Mr. Harris…

Agreed.  If anything this will energize Mr. Cullen’s bid for re-election.  This was a stupid move on the part of the Conservatives.

It will backfire.  It basically paints her as being undemocratic, and not respecting the people in the riding.  We voted for Nathan Cullen.  It’s democracy, accept it already.

Geez I can’t see her actually running for federal office, she sure has a lot of baggage from her municipal career. Her handling of the Ian Bush shooting situation seemed to split the community, and some other skeletons are hard to keep off the front pages…

It isn’t too hard to find those infamous photos of her from a few years ago, something that might detract from a high profile career in politics… though would certainly guarantee her maximum exposure… ooops done that already.

As for Harris’ move, it’s not unusual for federal parties to “adopt” a riding that hasn’t voted for their party, I think the NDP has done that in the past as well.

But as you say, the MP for the riding is the area representative, that’s the person that any constituent has the right to appeal to for help.  If the MP should fall short on the request then he or she may find himself out of work after the next election.     

I voted for Mr. Cullen in the last election and I will vote for him again.  Mr. Cullen has represented us very well indeed!
This is a desperate move on the part of the Cons. … ty-as.html

as a former member of the NW I think this might just help nathan cullen (when i say help i mean light a fire under his lazy ass) into doing more for the area.  If i recall correctly in reading local tabloids…er newspapers it was a battle between him and Gary Coons as to who could take up more space pissing and moaning about what they didn’t like and how wrong they were being treated instead of actually doing something about it.  Now, maybe something might get done, and as for cullen in the next election, probably see him and his pal gary heading the way of bill belsey.  just my thoughts.

Nah, that’ll never happen.  Mr. Coons and Mr. Cullen will get re-elected. 
What exactly have the Liberals or Conservatives ever done to benefit our small town.  Not a damn thing.

So Rollins, does that mean that you agree with completely bypassing the democratic process is the best way for elected officials to act?

Knowing that this sort of partisan gatekeeping to gov’t services/funds/etc is happening should explain your concern about the “pissing and moaning”. Imagine being hired to do a job, then having your every effort stonewalled and any credit for your successes stolen.

Well, followed to its logical conclusion, there really isn’t any need for elections.

We’ll just let the government appoint representatives.  And the only party that can have “access” to the government, and therefore be allowed to represent us, is the party in power.  Sounds like Cuba to me.

It’s just plain undemocratic.  But I’ve always thought the underlying problem with the Reform Party is that they don’t like democracy. 

If I live in Houston, I’m wondering how come my mayor has so much spare time on her hands that she can be a liaison for the Tories.

Surely, Houston must have a few things on the “to do” list to keep her occupied?

Well, she doesn’t really have time - apparently. CBC tried to contact her as a follow up to the original story - she was unavailable. CBC’s comment was that if you want to contact the Cons liaison, feel free to leave a message.

She can’t answer your calls if she is strutting around Prince Rupert now can she!  I spotted her talking to a few conservatives in front of the Bargain Shop on Friday afternoon dressed to kill.  I was wondering what she was doing in our neck of the woods, and now I know…  Now we no longer have to go to the polls and mark our X, the Cons will do it for us.

Had it been a conservative elected to government you would be saying “Well, only 60% of voters turned out–”. The same old line. Fair enough.

What’s there to worry about? There are still people who aren’t represented in this region because they were beaten by the laws of democracy. I don’t see the issue if a different MP brings their concerns to the table as well.

Thx Dick.
Now we can all get to work firing up the port so we can ship our kids off to Afghanistan four days faster.