Sir Elton rules his domain in Prince George

He was by far the biggest name to make a concert appearance in Prince George in recent memory if ever, and if the reactions of those fans who took in the two and a half hour performance of the legendary Elton John Friday night are any indication, it was one of those moments to lock away in their memory banks for a long, long time.

Sir Elton conquered Prince George with a hit flavoured review of a long lasting career, one steeped in much of the soundtrack of their times for those that grabbed every one of the CN centres seats…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … rince.html  )

I was at the concert and he was a very gracious performer, it was a fantastic concert.  Sound could of been better but what can you expect from that location.  He has a new album coming out in Oct and he did a song off it sure to be a hit called “you are never to old to hold somebody” and it was beautiful.  He is truly a great showman. 

I’ve heard from a few Rupertites that were there that it was a pretty impressive show, so good on PG for attracting him there. While he’s probably heading towards the retirement phase of his career, from all accounts he still knocks out a pretty good performance. Glad you had a good time.