Silver screen extortion

i was planning to see gamer tonight with my family, only to find out that cheap night is no longer cheap night. Now, on tuesday night your only choice is “The Telus Combo” where you pay over $9.00 for the movie and popcorn and a drink. even if you dont want the combo you still have to pay that price now im not one that goes for snacks at the movie every time, so for the five of us it would have cost over $50.00

we turned around and walked out, its now cheaper to go to the movies not o cheap night

how crappy is that?

lol, wait till the DVD’s come out and download a DVD quality one…

I never was one for movie theaters myself, stupid uncomfortable seats, and there’s always that guy behind you that kicks his seat, or the person in front of you who’s head is in the way. Or the kid who screams… Shall I go on AHAHAH