Silly Question

Are there bullrushes (cattails) up in Rupert?

That’s all.

I don’t know, but I was wondering the same about stinging nettles, for spring soup, and red clover.

Nope.  No bullrushes, but there is a lot of skunk cabbage.

ok, thanks for the answer!

lol hey Princess havent you moved here yet ???? :unamused:

no yet!  Still looking forward to it though!  My husband is up there right now though.  He’s fishing out of the dock there.  And he’s been casually looking at houses.  We’re not going to put our house on the market until the spring.  Hopefully it will sell fast, as I’m totally in love with a house that’s on sale up there right now!!!

But their leaving after the weekend

What are you trying to say BILLY? the skunk cabbages are leaving after the weekend or the bullrushes are leaving after the weekend? or are you cousins leaving after this weekend…ending your torrid love affair?