Sidney Crosby is Wayne Gretzky

From TSN

Sidney Crosby is tearing up the NHL scoring race with a healthy lead for the Art Ross Trophy. See how the phenom’s torrid pace compares to that of another superstar who had similar numbers when he was 19.

Sidney Crosby (2006-07):
56 GP, 26 G, 69 A, 95 PTS
Sidney Crosby (On Pace):
79 GP, 37 G, 97 A, 134 PTS

Wayne Gretzky (1979-80):
79 GP, 51 G, 86 A, 137 PTS

He’s putting together some pretty amazing stats, though different eras give different numbers. It’s a different game today than even when Gretzky played, never mind the era’s of Belliveau, Howe, Hull and such.

Still the kid is the real deal and will be rewriting the record books I’m sure, and to think he’s doing it all without the help of a Semenko eh! Though I suspect that the Penguins will be looking for someone to provide security any time now…   

Okay, you’ll have to excuse this question, but since I know absolutely nothing about the game, I’m quite curious to know as to how exactly hockey is different now from the other eras you mentioned.

We wear helmets now.

And mouthguards so we still have front teeth.

They don’t use horse dung as pucks anymore!

What the hell??? Who let Europeans in the league?

Exhibit A) the second period of last night’s Sens/Sabres match … 3f&k=49707 … ockey/home

Let me start by saying that, although I enjoy hockey, both as a fan and as a player ( I played 9 games in the last two weeks!), fights are not my thing at all and I don’t enjoy watching them. 
I missed last night’s game and the sports highlights and some people were telling me that the brawl happened and that it was worth watching.  So I went on u-tube and watched it. 
It’s actually quite a tame brawl. 
The standard to measure all hockey brawls by happened between the Quebec Nordiques and the Montreal Canadiens on April 20th 1984.  This brawl even got named “Le massacre du vendredi saint”  ( The Good Friday Massacre).  A lot of what is ugly in hockey came out that night.  More than 250 minutes in penalty were given to both teams. 
Fans who watch that footage and think “this is awesome”  have a destructive view of the greatest game ever.   

You answered the question very nicely.  Thanks!

You’re welcome, here’s something I found tonight on the web that’s kind of funny and shows the stereotypes of hockey players in a rather entertaining way… … ey_goalie/

Great lines:  “My groin never felt better”,  " … not just a canadian", " I’ll show you hockey, you hoser"