Sick When It's Sunny

Yeah so for the entire time that I was at school I didn’t get sick at all. People had stomach flu, head colds, chest colds and anything else you could think of. I was the only one out of my friends that didn’t get sick. Man did I feel invincible. I’m back for just over two weeks and BAMO I’m sick.

To make matters worse it’s sunny.

The only thing left for me to do is to spread the sickness to those I love. Mr Burns’ Finger Tent …“Excellent”…


Stay away from my Rypoo.

It’s sunny out… and I have 3 days off in a row! w00000

Anyone wanna go hiking?

I went for a funnn little jaunt this morning, building a new biking trail on hays, I’ve only put in 4 hours of kung-fu’ing salmonberry bushes and I’ve already got a couple hundred meters of FUN FAST rippable terrain… awww yea.

sucks I gotta work at 12 though, maybe I’ll take ya up on that one day Hoshq

yeah I do!! I’ll meet you at the base of Mount Liz

and as for you being SICK lemrac, get yourself TONS of fruits and vegetables, pop some echinacea drops in your iced tea and kick back on the deck in the sun, burn the germs out!! yee haw.

Mmmmm ice tea. Burns my throat…mmmmmmm

Ryan is the first one on my list.
And what am I going to do tomorrow night?
The same thing I do every night: