Shutter Shack

Is anyone going to take some pics of it today? I would take some but it would probably take me 8 months to get my film developed.

Just break down and buy a digital. It’s not something you’ll regret.

Oh I know… I’ve wanted one for a few years now… I’m just having trouble forking out the dough for the one I want when there’s other things like hockey equipment and another mp3 player I want more.

which one do you want?

Well first I wanted a Fuji Finepix with a huge zoom lens, but I think I’d rather have something small, like a Canon Elph. I price them out, then think “but I could get new gloves, shins, and a couple sticks for that” and it never materializes.

where are you looking? order from generally about 10% cheaper, plus no pst, plus (if you ask directly) they’ll drop their price even more…

Shuttershack has beaten every published price that I’ve brought them. Sometimes by a wide margin. Bring them an ad and you’d be surprised. They’re not like other Rupert businesses.

Go with the Elph, it rocks.

I’ll second the Elph! I’m actually trying to sell my Minolta so I can buy a 3.0mp Elph… It’s got less manual features and takes a completely different type of flash media, but I want somethign that fits in my pocket, and as far as gitial_fit_in_your_pocket cameras go, the Elph wins, hands down.

And yeah, Shuttershack kicks ass. Their list prices are the same as most “Vancouver” prices, if not lower. I’m buying my next camera, (probably an Elph) through them.

The best price SS gave me for D70 was $1319, beat it with a price of $1207. And while CC charges $15 for shipping, with SS I’d have to pay $92 PST.

Oh, and it’s arrived, along with a 4GB memory card for $265.

They’d match it, I’m sure.

But if you’re going to count ripping off the BC government in your calculations, then that’s not a fair comparison. I’m pretty sure you could steal the camera for even cheaper than that.

I would consider throwing away (or shooting) perfectly good computers, forcing the BC government to spend taxpayer money to buy new ones, an even bigger ripoff…

Luckily, we don’t do either of those.

You still ripped off the BC government, though. That’s a large part of why the camera is cheaper outside of Rupert – you’re not paying taxes.