Should I even bother voting?

Or is Andy Burton just going to win again?

I mean, isn’t this supposed to be a conservative stronghold?

Well, go and spoil your ballot. At least your protest vote will be counted.

What do you think about the Green party’s crusade to be part of the televised debate? I think they have a point.

I think we need proportional representation now more than ever.


I think we need proportional representation now more than ever.[/quote]

I tend to agree with you but how are regions represented in such a system?

The same way they are now.

The provinces.

Lots of countries have gone to the half-and-half system. Half the seats are assigned geographically (like our current system), with “first past the post” voting. The other half would be assigned proportionately. If the Greens can get 6% of the popular vote across Canada, they’d get 6% of these seats.

You could then have one-issue parties, and they’d get things done. Ask the Greens in Germany about how 2 seats can get legislation passed. It would be government by consensus, not by steamroller.

Here’s a wikipedia article about it: … esentation

It seems that proportional representation is actually the most common system currently in use. Our first-past-the-post system is common only in former British colonies. Ironically, even in the UK they’ve started to use the proportional representation system for the Welsh and Scottish legislatures. Pretty much all of Europe uses the system, as does Isreal, India and lots of other democracies.

Naw, what we really need is tax cuts.

sure I’ll go for that. Take the highest minimum wage in the country, and make that the basic personal exemption. then leave everything else alone.