Shots from the port

Hi ye all, craneman again. here is a dogs eye view of the goings on around the port. things are going well for us down there. It is good to be home working  to many years away . Enjoy , cm

Those are the tractor trailers we load onto. we call them bomb carts.Its about 120 feet below.the view with the containers missing is how we often unload or load into the middle of the ship.Most ships have three hatch covers at each bay.every 40 foot length is called a bay. The ship is divided in to cells from starboard to port. I will have some shots of them being removed some time soon. the other is a look back as i am waiting for work to begin. I have the cab of the crane over the water. And the last is just a look through the floor  there are two windows behind the driver on the floor.

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Oooo, that brings back memories! The first weekend I ever spent in Rupert was a fly-in/fly-out for work purposes and on the Sunday morning there was the thickest damn fog over the harbour (well, thickest I’d ever seen until that time, not being from the Wet coast)…as the airport ferry headed out, we suddenly came upon what was most likely the Queen of the North, shrouded in fog and she let off a blast of warning-it was pretty awe inspiring for someone who’d never before seen a ship of that size.

Happy to hear you are doing well and thanks for the post, eh?

Once again cool pics craneman    thanks

Wow!  Thanks for the excellent pictures, craneman!  I’m happy things are going well at the port. :sunglasses:

Really cool to see the containers stacked so high on the ship.  You can barely see out of the bridge! 

Awesome photos.

Thanks for these picutres. They’re awesome and give everyone a peek into something they don’t normally see.

Sweet Pix man
you have the coolest job in town

do you have any pix of inside the crane cab?

great pics!..thanks so much for sharing…looking forward to seeing more

here are some more shots from here and there, CM

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