Shopping online!

I wonder if anyone can recommend a couple of popular and secure shopping online sites for mostly womens’ clothing and shoes?  Something that has a good and uncomplicated return policy.  I have tried EBay and don’t really care for it and I am already a member of Sears online.  Any help would be greatly appreciated guys !  Thanks  :smiley:

shop thru the airmiles site lots of stores there and you get airmiles :wink:

I’ve got a lot of stores I like.  I’ll get a list together of them and post it.

Torrid is pretty cheap and you can can get really good deals.  Although they are advertised as a plus size site, they do carry reg sized clothing. The problem is shipping and customs fees.  My friend and I put in an order (my first ever online shopping experience) and the shipping and customs charges were about $120!!

Make sure that the people you deal with in the US are shipping using USPS and you won’t have the customs/duty issues like you do when they ship UPS.

Forever 21: (just make sure to change to the Cdn site at the bottom of the page)
Little Burgundy:
The Shoe Company:
S’in Style:
Winnipeg Outfitters:
Sporting Life:
Northern Reflections:
Suzy Shier:
La Senza:
La Vie en Rose:
Sport Chek:

There are more but these are the only ones I can think of right now.  Also, this list only includes women’s clothing and footwear.  I’ve got other sites for other categories if interested.  Also, I often search the sites that I frequent for special deals (i.e. free shipping, extra % off, etc.)  If there was enough interest, I’d start a little weekly newsletter informing of deals and/or new sites I’ve found.

P.S.  All of these stores ship from Canada so you will not have to worry about duty.  I also think that the shipping charges on most of these sites is pretty reasonable. is a good place to start too.

WOW !!  Thank You guys  :smiley:    This is so awesome and I can for sure have some fun now!!  Look out credit card, here I come  :smiley:  Much Appreciated  !!!