Shopping local

my wishlist for xmas from the city

is …

3rd ship at the port
phase 2 at the port
future shop

and a way to stop being from whining about closing underutilized and aging obselete schools

Wow you are out to lunch, why would you want a futureshop??? Buy that shit online, How often do you buy a tv or something that actually requires you to go into a store and compare stuff side by side ?

out to lunch ? why not have it here it would be jobs . its not just tv’s . you ever been there ? you would be able to buy loads of software , music , appliance everything . go sit at your lunch table

Sure, another minimum wage, shitty benifits job, that can go out of buisness like they all do in this town because of lack of need for it. Shopping is going to become an online thing soon. Really soon. It’s already happening, and local buisnesses are suffering. They can’t compete with it. It’s the same with walmart, you bring that in, and the small buisnesses that are already struggling, do worse and close down… And then you’ll be complaining about lack of store fronts yadda yadda yadda… “look how sad our town looks”

It’s funny, I hear all these complaints that stores are closing and downtown looks horrible. And those same people that complain about it, will go online, or out of town to buy goods. Including groceries, because it’s cheaper. Well which one do you want people, better deals, or a healthy community?

What kind of computer do you have, and where did you buy it, Bubbasteve?

What this one? … 024.0.html

you’ll never see me complain about the shitty stores we have in town or the empty storefronts i only use them to check my reflection as i walk by. i’ll take future shop and walmart and home depot to replace all the stores and they will employ the same or more people

Is that all you can accuse me of shopping for out of town? If so, then I’m probably doing better than you are.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Why didn’t you buy your computer in one of the many computer stores in town?

I think we’ve been through this before.  I just can’t find the thread. 

Course we have MiG.

and if you MUST know. I didn’t buy my computer in town because no one in town was offering XP any more, and Dell just happened to be.

Shopping local is fine except that in Prince Rupert, more often than not, it seems as though the local customer gets hosed in the multiples of %200 markup on items. I part with my money for a reasonable markup, but if it’s insane markup I’ll either do without period, or order it in. $10 - $15 more than ordering the item in is fine. But if the reseller can’t get the item for a reasonable cost than I’m not paying for their lack of purchasing power or poor ordering skills.

I bought my computer 9 years ago through CowBay computers… and got hosed!  The $4000 system wasn’t set up properly, and software I had paid for, was missing.  I brought it back, and one guy was very helpful in fixing it, but the 2nd time I had a problem, it sat in their shop for a week, I was charged for labour, and they didn’t touch it!  The owner then dodged my calls, and they went out of business 6 months later!  ugh.

this started in another thread that anna ashley started sure it reads like a shopping list but its my wishlist to council for what i want for the city. did it really need to be moved?

So when it sits in Future Shop for five weeks to seven weeks and comes back wiped clean that’s okay because you got it cheap in the first place?
Sounds like what I hear from the hicks around here every day, but it doesn’t bother me. I make 100% profit repairing the absolute shit they flog to the rubes there.
If you already know you want a cheap system and want to get it for the best price, that’s where you’ll find it. But the only good brand name computer they carry says macintosh on it, and you’ll beat even Future Shops prices online.

We have a twist on the term “Black Friday” here. It’s the first day you’ll never see a living breathing customer again until after Christmas because they’ve all run off to FutureShop, Costco, WalMart and Staples in Prince George.
Then the first workday after Christmas, the broken, infected, DOA boxes start lining the shelf and sit there 2 weeks or so until ppl can afford the repair bills. I love it.
No ordering stock, no building systems, no liability on repairs, 100% profit.
December is traditionally the worst month on the books, January one of the best.

Been there done that, I got hosed from Howard years ago at Cow Bay as well.  I still buy things online from future shop and best buy and recommend them to others, never had any problems at all…
I had one bad experience shopping local for computers and won’t make the mistake again.
I do like Data Boy for repairs but they have been few and far between… 

So true, isn’t it :smile:

I’m cheap so when I need a computer I buy a 1-2 year old used PC on-line that has no OS on it.  Then I format it and install Linux.  No M$ tax.  :smiley:

I bought my FIRST computer (Vic20) at the 1st FutureShop on Broadway in Vancouver many years ago.
Bought a pile of Netbooks from them in the last few years too. They consistently sell them as loss leaders. Even after PST & GST they’re less than the wholesalers sell them for.

Bought this Macbook there too. Even though they knew squat about them, the price was under everyone else’s that day. I also have wholesale accounts at ncix and tigerdirect but only buy there if none of my usuals have it. Too expensive.