Shooting in PG

So there we have a little example of the rough play which may affect a small community, the shooting in Prince George last evening. I wonder what may have cause such a thing?

Those who live by the sword…

druggies with guns
coming soon to your town

good thing PG is getting a new jail…

We are?
I thought the forgot we had one and just dumped everyone at the Hood.
Or the could just put chain-link around 4 blocks of Quince St.


from cknw website:

VICTORIA/CKNW(AM980) - The provincial government is opening up some new jail cells in Prince George and Maple Ridge to ease over-crowding.
It’s been two weeks since solicitor-general John Les cancelled a planned news conference in Kelowna to announce a new jail after local residents and first nations raised objections to the plan and complained about a lack of consultation.

Still no word when or if that announcement will be rescheduled, but in the meantime the ministry says it will add 135 new cells to the Fraser regional correctional and 106 new cells at alouette correctional centre for women, both in Maple Ridge…in Prince George, the women’s unit at the regional correctional centre will get 20 new cells.

The inmate population in BC has grown by more than 500 over the past three years and is growing at a rate of four per-cent every year.

Solution to easing overcrowding in prisons = capital punishment.

I agree!!  Why should my tax dollars go to house some f$&@ing murdering crackhead with heat,hot water and 3 squares a day!?! Why should i have to pay for pricks like Clifford Olson or Paul Bernardo??  They should have died a slow death years ago!

ok…one question…why should we care about “easing over crowding”? who cares if theres over crowding in the jails. there should be less idiots out there or harsher laws…like people who are in there for life or 3x life sentences…WHY LET THEM LIVE?i dont get that…they are goin to die in jail if you are making them stay in there for like 75 years…i dont get that?but why should we make it easy for them?they didnt make it easy on the person they did something to. i live here in prince george to, and i went driving by the jail and i had to get told that it was the jail…because IT LOOKS LIKE A FREAKIN SMALL HOTEL!!i couldnt believe that…and now there is a new and better one comin here?thats just pathetic!!!

They arent building the prisons to ease over crowding they’re building them because the new drug laws and mandatory minimums will fill every prison to capacity very easily.

  You can thank our wonderful conservative government for bringing in such a successful US style justice system.

so what is the story on the shooting? Like who got shot, age gender…ect…
does anyone know? … =143&st=20 … =143&st=40 … =143&st=40

Constable Godwin eh… so I guess all the shooter will have to do is bring up the nazis as a defense and they will close the case?

In all seriousness I blame rap music.

And who’s going to be paying for this? Us. Pretty damn ridiculous.

Then we obviously need to privatize them to make them cost efficient…
isn’t that the next step in the Law & Order agenda?

There’s also another kid shot thru the neck at Christmas at the drughouse he lived in, he’s in custody and won’t say who did it.

I’m a real hero, I won’t rat out the guy who paralyzed me! What a waste of fucking skin. I’d not only rat you out, I’d drag myself across the floor with my teeth and chew you up feet first.