Shoot me for installing Vista

I talked myself into needing Vista just to learn it’s ins and outs. Now after two days, installing merely the Basic version, I have a slower laptop that can’t find the video card driver, won’t allow you to use a widescreen setting, pops up driver needed for an unknown device I don’t know what, and WIPED OUT MY GRUB!!!
Wotta piece of shit!!! Eight hours fucking around, it ain’t working yet.

When I buy a new computer it will be a Mac.  Agreed.  I don’t see any compelling reason to buy Vista.
Yes, I’ve read that Vista doesn’t play nice with Linux.  Sorry to hear it messed up grub.

I did get it running a couple hours later, and when I pointed the graphics driver to the old XP driver folder it installed.
But it takes over four and a half minutes to start Vista! And I have no idea why an upgrade version mucked with the boot sector. I was looking forward to debugging grub when it couldn’t find XP anymore!

YIKES, sounds like a case of Bill Gates got another :stuck_out_tongue:

Vista Junk.

Why did you put your self through this torture ?

So when someone calls and asks how to set up a dialup with Vista, I won’t say “I don’t fucking know, ask Bill Gates…” :smiley:
It wasn’t quite as bad as when I added XP64 on my work computer. And it is kid of pretty. I can actually read what I type running Firefox. Better font display.
Now I just have to solve why it takes so long to boot on a 3 GHz laptop with 1.5Gigs RAM…

I don’t know a lot about windows.  But, in Unix/Linux you can decide/choose which services to start when your unit boots up.  Maybe you’ve got a bajillion services starting up by default when your Vista unit starts.  Just a guess:-)

I give this ONE MORE WEEK then I’m ghosting back my old XP. This Vista is pretty but too damn slow. Takes 5 or 6 seconds to respond to clicking an icon, and it’s embarrassing being forced to chat with a customer about the weather hoping they don’t notice it takes 5 minutes to start. I’m not gonna respond ‘by just going to hibernate’, screw that. Don’t make ME adjust to your OS, make your OS respond to me.

The ONE suggestion I have yet to try is removing my 512MB stick and using only the 1 GB as Vista is very finicky with RAM and you should always use identical size/speed/maker RAM. I’ll try that when I don’t actually have to use my computer.
Maybe the day AFTER I buy an attache case and turn my Mac mini into a luggable…

That is quite the scathing review of Vista, herbie.  If an IT professional like you finds Vista cumbersome, unresponsive then Joe average computer user will be very unhappy.  This review makes me happy that I’m primarily a Linux person.  I’m saving my pennies for my next computer, a Macbook.
That sucks that Vista is such a pig, even with 1.5 GB of RAM!! :imp:
With regard to RAM I recall that Eso stated that he went back to XP as he found that 1 GB of RAM was insufficient.
I’ll stick with Slackware, Debian, Ubuntu, and OS X.

Biggest pain is using it for work purposes, even tho most network equipment can be configured via web interface, the most common trouble is some idiot reconfigured it with an IP they forgot.
Then you need to use priority locater software they only issue in Windows versions!

the only time my mac took any longer then 30 seconds to boot up was when i did a firmware upgrade

I installed Vista on my Macbook.  It worked great.  2 gigs of RAM, etc.

Then I decided I didn’t need all the visuals and stuff, so I installed it using Parallels and deleted the seperate Vista partition.

Then I decided I didn’t need Vista at all, and deleted the Parallels install.

On parallels on my Macbook, I have 3 different XP installs, one Windows 2000 install, and two Linux distros.  Not to mention that it’s all running under OS X.  Why would I want Vista?

Every time I use it, there’s another application “not responding” that the Task Manager can’t terminate. Simple processes like Quicktime updater or ClamWin.
I’ve seen more blue screens than in five years of running XP and often the system can’t keep pace with the keyboard.
Ubuntu is better for free!

** Windows needs your permission to install Windows updates… okay right. That Mac commercial was truth in advertising!

Agreed! :smiley:
I’ve read similar experiences to yours on the Internet, herbie.  Power users will be using their Vista unit only to have it freeze-up randomly with video driver bugs.  XP was a much better OS.
I wonder how many people will start to experiment with Linux and OS X as a result of Vista?

Hell, I’m still “experimenting” with OSX. Unfortunately my mini was one of the single-core models with only 512MB. It’s painful running CS2 (which I don’t use anyway) and I don’t have a ‘killer-app’ that lures me to use it often.
I should hunt down something like WinSCP for Mac, a simple art program (I use PSP Pro, and just scrapped v10 to return to simpler v5 90% of the time) and install Nvu (I so initial web layout then fill in with Wordpad or nano) and not much else…
One day I might like to get energetic and make a “documentary” with iMovie. About Canfor and Overwaitea holding small towns hostage, but call it “Jimmy P and Me”… hahaha

CS3 is intel-native, and runs a lot faster on intel macs.  You should try that.

CS2 is slow because your intel Mac is emulating a PowerPC processor.

For sftp and stuff, try Cyberduck.

For text editing, try TextWrangler – it does sftp too, which is awesome.

I shall check out Cyberduck.
Like I said, the Adobe stuff isn’t really my cup of tea. I do a fair amount of DTP (95% with MS Publisher) and was thinking PageStream (familiar from my Amiga days) for that.

Indesign kicks major butt.