Shitty Business

So one goes into the Source with an MP3 that has frozen in the RCA title and will not work beyond , one of the sales men “boy” looks at it and takes it over trying different things . He then says they will give the customer a new one , but they must order it in . As the salesman “boy” is taking info from customer he puts it down on counter , it disappears into some other customer’s meathooks " Stolin" . No when original customer demands the deal to continue Manager says he can not do this , he needs Ailing MP3 to exchange with . Now the question is , is the salesman “boy” responsible ? Manager says customer is , they the store staff have taken over once they talk business and make deal… Manager says customer must file with RCMP re missing MP3 , shitty business . Who is right ? Yes I am the customer and I am pissed off with shitty business .

I’d be more pissed with the shit head that stole your mp3 player, than the business.  If it’s your property, it’s your responsibility to take care of it, no matter where it is.  If it was my mp3 player, I would have been either holding onto it, or standing right in front of it while the clerk was getting my information… I wouldn’t have let them leave it on the counter.  But that’s just me.

I think you need to establish whether or not you had returned the mp3 player to the salesperson before it was stolen.

From your description, and correct me if I’m wrong, but you gave the mp3 player to the salesperson.  He was trying to fix it.  He put it down while taking information from you, right?  It was in his possession, he had already acknowledged that he would order you a replacement one.

Those three things: 1-his attempting to fix it, 2-his acknowledging that he needs to order a new one, and 3-his taking of your information.  Those three things would be good indicators of who “had possession” of the item when it was stolen.

I think you need to write down these facts in a clearly written letter and send it (with delivery confirmation) to their head office, with a copy to the local guy.  Then if you don’t have any response, look into small claims court.

Yes you are right on all three and in his care. I did think of Better Business Bureau but I like your approach , you always come across Mig.