Shirts By The Shore

I received an e-mail from Marvin at Shirts By the Shore saying that they will be closing the business at the end of October.  Apparently the business has been for sale for some time now, but there has not been any interest.  They plan on devoting their interests to things they have been wanting to do, but haven’t had time to do.

Too bad.  They did quiality work.  I guess Digital Printing is going to have to pick up the slack, and improve the quality of their work, otherwise people are going to go to Terrace to get their shirt screening done.

that really is to bad, Marvin and Margaret are awesome people and they do really great work. 

when i first moved to rupert i lived above there, and it was by far the best place I’ve ever lived, and they also helped out with all the charity events we did at the station…would be a shame to see such a cool shop close…hopefully somebody buys it. 

Who’s going to be doing the CHSS uniforms now?

Digital will really have to step it up or people will be flooding Northern Stitches like there’s no tomorrow.  Maybe Northern Stitches will make it easier to get ahold of them if Shirts By The Shore closes. 

Shirts By The Shore didn’t do embroidery anyways.  They may have in the past, but since Northern Stitches opened up a few years ago, they’ve been pawning their work on them.

On a side note, the woman running Northern Stitches now is moving to Cranbrook next year.  So, if no one steps up and buys the business, we’ll be without a quailty embroiderer as well.

Sounds like a good opportunity for someone to step in and do it all.