Ship Building Contract

Good luck to BC in winning the largest 25billion contract today at 1pm.
Hard to bet against Quebec and Nova Scotia, but of course it is never politically motivated(cough cough bs)

Nova Scotia won the $25 billion contract, BC won the $8 billion contract and Quebec got the $2 billion contract.

Quebec received no contract, they came out of the process as the yard on the outside. That 2 million one you mentioned, has yet to be tendered and from the CBC is saying it will most likely go to smaller shipyards in Atlantic Canada. Davie Shipyard (the one in Quebec) is just coming out of bankruptcy so that probably worked against them.

What they may receive later on down the line is the repair and refit contract for the ships currently in the Canadian Navy and Coast Guard that’s worth 15 billion, which would actually make them a bigger winner than seaspan in BC.