Shhhh, REal Madrid and Inter-Milan have been eliminated

All of that money in Madrid and yet a yappy French poodle jumps up and bites them, Oh Ronaldo say it ain’t so!!! … le1496497/

And it was Rooney rules for Man U as Inter Milan decided they had played enough football this year… … -gauntlet/ … eport.html

Now  I think MiG is a fan of Madrid :wink:

AC Milan and Intern Milan are two different clubs.

And yeah, I’m a Madrid fan.

Too many Milan’s for my liking… :blush:

My bad, AC Milan has been eliminated…

AC Milan is the one that Beckham’s playing for, trying to earn a position on the English World Cup team.  It’s also owned by the Italian Prime Minister.

Inter Milan is the current Italian Champion, and a contender for the Champions League as well.  

Inter has former Benfica, Porto and Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho in charge.  This guy has won a bunch of trophies:  the Portuguese league (twice) and cup (once), as well as the supercup.  He’s also won the EUFA Cup (now Europa League) and of course, the Champions League with Porto.  He won the English Premiere League twice with Chelsea, as well as the FA Cup and League Cup.  His Inter side won Serie A in Italy last season, and they’re currently at the top of the league this season.

Mourinho is my avatar, BTW :smile:

I’m off to see the Seattle Sounders tomorrow night.  Should be a snooze fest.